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“The eyes overlook the sea and the feet have roots ……in the shining hills between the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento Coast”.

The Lunarossavini vineyards are located near the Monti Picentini and overlook the delightful gulf of Salerno.

This exceptional acreage has continually distinguished itself as the ideal site for producing special wines, thanks to the perfect convergence of lingering sunlight, cooling marine influence and Campania soils, which are clayey and calcareous.


New management of an ancient production process

Experimentation and Diversity. From it’s very inception, the vineyard has been maintained with a strict criteria of care for the soil and the environment, trying to minimize the environmental impact of our productions. Thanks to an accurate management of the vineyards, sustainable practices and strict rules to follow in the wine cellar, our goal is to make complex wines that meet with final consumer approval. The inspiration, passion and enthusiasm for our wines come from the captivating landscapes in which are based our vineyards.

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Progetto Uva

Giallo in cantina

Where we are

The Monti Picentini

The Monti Picentini is a mountain range which is part of the Campanian Apennines. The morphological features of this region and its food and drink specialities did not change over time, from the round hazelnut of Giffoni to the olive oil from Salerno hills obtained by squeezing the oil out of Rotondella olives. In the Monti Picentini Regional Park there are two WWF oasis: Monte Accellica and Polveracchio.

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Lunarossa vini e passione s.r.l.

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Via V. Fortunato Zona P.I.P. Lotto 10 | 84095 Giffoni Valle Piana, Salerno

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